10 Billion Songs Downloaded

Guess Things Happen That Way With music downloads flying off the servers at the rate of 100 songs per second (which works out to about 500,000 hours [or 57 years] of playtime PER DAY), it's no wonder so many IT geeks ...Read More


Are Android Phones like the MOTOSPLIT Motorola's Future? It's hard to imagine a new device surpassing the runaway success of the DROID, which after only a few months accounts for approximately 50% of the Android-powered smartphone market; however, Motorola's recent ...Read More


Google's Fiber Aims to Get Things Moving Almost nine months after submitting suggestions to the FCC to help develop their "National Broadband Plan" (NBP), Google announced it would be going out on its own to conduct an experiment to "deliver Internet ...Read More

iPad vs iPod Touch - size-wise, the iPad has a much larger screen.

iPad or iFad? Touted by Apple as a "magical" and "revolutionary" product, the iPad, a.k.a. the "Kindle Killer", received a mediocre reception when it made its debut in January. To all those shoulder-shruggers, I urge you not to forget that the ...Read More