Map of Submissions for Googles Fiber Project

The Winner of Google's Fiber Project Is... ...going to be announced by the end of the year, apparently. *sigh* Here's the word straight from the horse's mouth: "Based on a rigorous review of the data, we will announce our target community or communities ...Read More


As reported in our earlier article "Google Aims to Go Big with A Gig", Google is planning a Fiber-to-Home Gigabit network and is taking applications! With Topeka changing it's name to Google for the month, and Duluth's response taking it to ...Read More

Examples of URL Shortener Services_Image

.ru A Virus? I'll be honest. I haven't exactly been a huge tweeter... Occasionally, I'll check out what my buddies have been tweeting. Rarely, though, will l post anything... During my infrequent twisits, I noticed the occasional tweet baring a ...Read More